Hello Everyone.  So yesterday I was at an informational session on Ethics.  Everyone gathered in a big lecture hall and a lady stood in front talking and showing her slideshow.  I could tell that there were more than a few people thinking that this is all a waste of time.  So it got me thinking.  I thought "All this material and presentation could be done online".  It is almost as if I could visualize how the content and everything would be laid out.  Just made me think that time is becoming of the utmost importance.  The people that are there think that the meeting is a waste of time.  They could be more productive doing other work related things.  With the informational session online, staff members could login and view the session online at any time.  The session still could be interactive with questions or even an in session survey.  Also you wouldn't need to send out emails to everyone telling them to meet at a certain time and place. Everyone could fit it into their busy schedule at anytime. Maybe one day this idea could become a reality.
10/20/2012 17:23:42

Hiya Scott,
I hear you on that. I sat through 5.5 hours in a class last Friday, October 12 (I blogged about it). This training could also be put in a online format. Nothing fancy...just our teacher education people explaining the areas we will be evaluated on. Examples on what each would look like in a classroom would be essential. And, that's it. I know our teacher tried to model how a lesson should be taught, however, she made us repeat the same steps for all five domains (the areas we are being evaluated on). By the time we did the second one, I was bored. I felt the four teachers on the table could read the material on the other four domains, become the expert of that one, then teach it to everyone else on the table. We already had the resources to use. I mentioned this to the teachers on my table and they agreed. After all, we're smart enough to dissect the readings and to follow her lead in teaching us the first one. I really feel that because I'm in an online program where I learning about all the ways to engage students, sitting for 5.5 hours and listening to someone isn't appealing to me anymore.
Aloha, Annette


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